Admits the charges against Lori Loughlin


Lori Loughlin had bribed her daughter to send her to a university and was sued. The famous actor admitted the charges and admitted that he was guilty.


Last year, 50 people in the US, including famous people, were accused of bribing millions of dollars to get their children to study at the country’s elite universities. One of these names was the famous actor Lori Loughlin, who we know from the TV series Full House, and his wife Mossimo. The couple did not accept the charges against them for a long time and claimed that they were innocent. Despite this, Loughlin faced two months in prison and $ 150,000, as well as a 100-hour public service sentence for two years, while her fashion designer husband was sentenced to five months in prison, $ 250,000 in fines and 250 hours of public service for two years. There was a new development in the case, and Loughlin admitted that she was guilty of bribing her daughter to send her to a good college…


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