How often should you wash your car ?


Owning a car is a significant investment that comes with a slew of maintenance bills, including oil and tire changes, brake maintenance, and routine inspections. It’s just as vital to keep the hood clean and well-maintained as it is to keep the interior clean and well-maintained. Do you know how often you should wash your automobile in order to maintain it clean?

When the car gets dirty following long and harsh terrain excursions, heavy rain, or being the target of birds, it is apparent that it has to be washed. Even if your vehicle does not appear to be unclean, you should wash it on a regular basis for maintenance purposes. There are various reasons to wash your automobile on a regular basis, including protecting the paint, preventing rust, making it look cosmetically appealing, and maintaining its value if you plan to sell it later.

How Often Should Your Car Be Washed?

Vehicles should be washed every two weeks while their use, according to experts. If you reside in an area where there is a lot of salt in the air or in the environment owing to its nature -whether from water or the environment- you should wash your automobile more frequently. Keep in mind that salt corrodes metal and causes it to rust.

Although car washing is commonly thought of as a summer chore, the reality is rather different. In the winter, you’ll need to wash your automobile much more frequently than in the summer. This is primarily due to the salt mentioned before. Although salted roads improve car handling and traction in the winter, they are really severely damaging to the bodywork. Similarly, if your car is exposed to rain or snow on a regular basis, the paintwork and bodywork may be damaged.

Although the interior of your vehicle is not as exposed to the elements as the hood, it is still crucial for the upholstery and seats to last as long as possible. That is why it is critical to have your car cleaned when it is being washed or washed. To avoid leather cracking and aging, your vehicle’s seats should be maintained and cleaned at least every three months, especially if it contains leather and pricey seats.


At least twice a year, many cars require polishing. Throw some water on the hood of your automobile to see if it’s time to polish it. Your polish is OK if the water beads, but if it collects in one location as a whole, it’s time to polish your body. You can seek help from pros in car wash services, just as you can polish your automobile yourself. Remember that you should use quality car polish and avoid cheap, bogus products if you want your body and paint to endure a long time and be healthy. Such products can do more harm than good, causing irreversible damage to the vehicle’s body.

Car polish not only helps your car look shiny and gorgeous, but it also cleans the hood from salt and other contaminants, as we said earlier. It also safeguards against dangerous external influences. These dangerous elements cannot attach to the hood and slip off due to the lacquer’s natural composition. Polish can even be thought of as an extra layer of protection created from nothing.

Cleaning in Depth

It is not enough to simply get your automobile washed throughout the changing of seasons; it also requires a thorough cleaning. More than simply body wash and interior cleaning are included in these complete cleanings. From the engine to the exhaust, the grille to the suspension, detailed vehicle cleaning guarantees that practically every part of your vehicle is cleaned. Although these extensive cleanings make your car feel brand new, you shouldn’t do this on a regular basis. A two-week car wash, a decent shine every six months, and a complete interior cleaning every two to three months will make your automobile appear its best.

Drivers who want their new automobiles to always be dazzling and gorgeous may overstate the number of car washes they perform. Although the paints used in the automotive industry are becoming more specific and high quality by the day, a variety of factors ranging from the cleaning product used during washing to the drying cloths used and the pressure applied during drying can cause the paints to wear off in very frequent washings. It is critical to keep the frequency of car washes as consistent as possible in order to avoid paint damage and cosmetic faults, as well as to avoid using materials of inferior quality.


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