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AMERICAN FOOTBALL is an oval pick-up, a tough game more like rugby than football. It was played for the first time at Harvard University in the USA in 1872. Other Quotations are not common, with great attention in America. Players fight in contact with each other in a way. To provide the head and joints, the defenders wear a special outfit. The game is between two teams consisting of eleven players and a large number of substitutes.

American football is the name given to the team game born in the USA, played with hands, feet and an oval ball. In the USA and Canada it is simply referred to as football. In Australia and New Zealand it is called gridiron. It is a fierce game played by hand with an oval ball, more like rugby than football. It was played for the first time at Harvard University in America in 1872. Although it attracts great attention in America, it is not very common in other countries. The emergence of American football began when an elementary school teacher wanted to play rugby with elementary school children. He changes the rules according to rugby, making it easier for children to understand, and also adds trousers with protective shirt armor, helmet and protective pads to protect children from harsh contact. Later, the sport, which became widespread, started to be played first in high school and then in universities. Subsequently, a professional league is established. The (NFL) Rules are completely different from football. It is a variation of the rugby game played in England and its former colonies. Unlike rugby, it is played with protective clothing and helmet. American football is a very complex sport that requires endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, quickness, strategy, discipline and perseverance. Players fight in contact with each other in a way. To protect the head and joints, players wear a special outfit during the match. The game is played between two teams consisting of eleven players and several substitutes. There may even be soccer players who die during the game. In 1905, 18 people died from this game in America. The match is played in two halves of half an hour. Opponent players are free to be knocked down to cause the ball bearing. The game is started with a kick. The ball is delivered manually all over the field. Dribbling the ball with feet is prohibited. The player driving is penalized and the ball is awarded to the opposing team. If the ball crosses the opponent’s goal line, 6 points are scored. The ball in hand is dropped and shot without touching the ground or hit by landing. In the meantime, if the ball is passed between the opponent’s goalposts (above the horizontal post) 3 points are awarded. The dimensions of the playing field are 91×49 meters. The castle resembles a “Y” shaped slingshot. The vertical leg height of the goalposts is 3 m, and the distance between the side posts is 6.66 m.


* The match starts with a coin shot first.

* The team that wins the shot starts the game with a kick called “kick off”.

* The game duration consists of 4 sections of 15 minutes. A match lasts 60 minutes.

* The American football field is 110 meters long and 49,354654 meters wide.

* The team staff is 45 players, but the match starts with 11 people.

* Each team has 3 time-outs within 1 half.

* After 2 quarters, there is a 15-minute break.

Teams and players

A team is divided into three teams that undertake separate tasks. These; offensive team, special teams (kick off and kick return) and defense team.

Offensive team

The goal of the attacking team entering the game when the team has the ball is to score. After the opposing team loses the ball, they enter the game when the game is stopped. They attack until they lose the ball or score.


  • Center
  • Quarter Back
  • Left Guard
  • Right Guard
  • Left Tackle
  • Right Tackle
  • Tight End (optional)
  • Full/Half Back
  • Wide Receiver

2.2- Defense team

Players who enter the game after the game has stopped, after the team loses the ball. The aim is to grab the ball by preventing the players of the opposite team from scoring. They are out of play after the ball has been won and the game has stopped.

Defense Position names: not necessarily all players at the same time, a total of 11 people)

  • Defensive Lineman (line): Tackle (nose and right and left), Defensive End (right and left)
  • Line Backs: Inner and outer (all right or left)
  • Corner Back (right and left)
  • Safety (right and left and middle)

Special team

This team, which includes players with different characteristics, goes on the field in special cases (punt, field goal, etc.).


  • Long/Deep Snapper
  • Kicker
  • Punter
  • Kick returns
  • Point returns

American football ball

The American football ball is in the shape of a splay with pointed ends. It is not as elliptical as the ball used in rugby . The varieties used in Canada are more similar to the rugby ball.

In America this ball is called “football” or “pigskin” for short. Its longitudinal length is 28 cm, and the circumference of the belly is 56 cm.

American football in Turkey

Current briefly TAFLA called the American Football League, Turkey 8 1 league, the league is struggling at 2. 5 teams. In the Universities League, there were 18 teams in the 2008-2009 season and this number is increasing. Turkey League by becoming a federation in 2005 TBSF joined the site. Before this date, American football was played in our country as an amateur.

Turkey IFAF ‘that is a member of International Federation of American Football. Efforts to become a member of EFAF (European Federation of American Football) continue. As of this year, a national team was established and Kerem Ateş was appointed as the technical responsibility of the team. Stating that the current main goal of the national team is to participate in the 2011 European Championship from League C,He prepared a candidate squad of 80 people for the national team camp that will start in Edirne . This squad is scheduled to play a friendly match with the Bulgarian national team in early 2010. Previously AFK Istanbul is Turkish Team Bulgarian Team Sofia with one in Turkey, the other in Bulgaria ‘also won both of the games, including two games have done.


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